Manchester to have three new aldermen after Thursday election

We knew there would be at least three new Manchester aldermen after the August 4 election. We now know who they are.

There were three seats vacated by the end of a term with only one incumbent seeking re-election. Meanwhile, another seat was vacated with a resignation.

The three open seats will be filled by Joey Hobbs (747 votes), Donny Parsley (727 votes) and incumbent Mark Messick (712 votes). Those new aldermen will serve four year terms.

Meanwhile, the fourth seat will be filled by Julie Anderson (664 votes). She will serve a two-year term, which is the remainder that was left on Chris Elam’s term – he resigned earlier this summer. Other votes totals were as follows:

Helen Debellis 617, James Threet 561, Claude Morse 519 and David Bradley 478.

All totals are unofficial until certified by the election commission.

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