Manchester Police Make Major Drug Bust

A major drug bust has occurred and the Manchester Police department is too commended for their work on the case. The bust was at least part of a multi-county drug pipeline that had been operating for more than two years.
A confidential female informant who helped police said violent dealers will do what it takes to protect their golden goose. In this case a never ending supply of pills like oxycodone hitting the streets for big money in six counties: Coffee, Rutherford, Bedford, Franklin, Williamson and Davidson.
Billy Butler Chief Investigator for Manchester told WMSR, “We are talking thousands and thousands of pills that hit the streets during the past two years because of this scheme.
Butler said the dealers somehow obtained lists of the DEA numbers needed to write their own narcotic prescriptions and then started printing up their own prescriptions after somehow obtaining the special paper need to complete the task.
“Pharmacies usually catch fakes,” said Butler. “But not these…they are too good.”
A joint operation between Manchester and Murfreesboro police led to the confiscation of bogus prescriptions, computers and printers used to make the fakes. Three people have been arrested; Gary Pinkston, Christine Sankey and Johnny Turner. The three had been living in Coffee County.
Butler said that more arrests are coming including some prominent doctors and registered nurses involved in the scheme.