UPDATE 2-27-18–Autopsy Performed of Deceased Body Discovered on Interstate Dr in Manchester

We have updated information on Tonya Darlene Finney, 44, from Franklin County whose body was found in a ditch late Sunday morning on Interstate Drive in Manchester.
Manchester Assistant Police Chief Adam Floied said Finney had been transported to Unity Medical Center on Interstate Drive some time Saturday night from an address in the county to be “checked out.” He said that after getting out of the ambulance she walked out of the hospital and left before ever being registered.
Investigator Brandon Tomberlin says that any person has the right to do so. He noted that police have watched hospital surveillance video from and there is nothing the hospital could have done, or does it show any other person involved after she left.
Tomberlin says that the body was transported to the State Medical Examiner’s Office in Nashville where an autopsy was performed on Monday. The investigator said the autopsy did not show any foul play was involved. Tomberlin added that the toxicology report is expected to be back within the next 10 weeks.
Manchester police asked that if anyone saw anything or have information to contact them at 931-728-2099.