Manchester Man Flees Police and Later Captured

On Friday, (June 2nd 2017) Manchester Police arrested Derek Michael Phillips age 20 of Evins St Manchester for a drug sanction. According to the arrest warrant, Phillips was placed into custody and while being handcuffed the man allegedly attempted to pull away from the officer. Officer Jamie Newman states in the warrant that Phillips then asked to go to the hospital due to him having a Hydrocodone pill stuck in his nose and was transported by ambulance to Unity Medical Center. When he was released to Manchester Police, Phillips was placed in handcuffs and when they went to place him in the patrol car, Phillips allegedly pulled away from the officer and attempted to flee from them while still in handcuffs. Officers captured Phillips on Winstead Lane in Manchester and transported him to the Coffee County Jail.
Phillips was charged with evading arrest, resisting arrest, schedule II drug violation and he also had his previous bond surrendered. His bond was set at $23,500 and he will appear in court on June 20, 2017.