Manchester City School Board Sues County

lawsuitThe Manchester City Board of Education has filed a $1.56 million suit against Coffee County. The school board is asking for the money that it feels is owed to it from sales tax that was placed in the general purpose school fund which should have gone to them.
They stated in their suit that was filed August 5 in Coffee County Circuit Court that they are due the sales tax dollars for the school system. The suit states that the county has improperly kept the money from 1983 to 2007 that belongs to the city school system.
The suit noted that the State Comptroller’s annual comprehensive audit of the county shows that a portion of the sales tax collected outside the municipalities was not apportioned with the city schools system. The suit then claims that the comptroller provided ways for the findings to be corrected but the county has failed to take the steps to give the money to the city schools.
The suit was filed by Tullahoma attorney Clifton Miller.