Manchester City CFO Resigns

Manchester City Hall... Photo by Barry West

Yesterday (Nov. 20, 2012) Manchester city officials accepted the resignation of City CFO Ester Greene.
Mrs. Greene expressed her desire to resign from her post on Monday citing her lack of confidence that she “would be able to live up to this boards expectations.” The city did seek legal council on protocol before accepting the resignation.
Vice Mayor French released the following statement on the matter:
“The city is at a critical juncture in terms of instituting new best business practices in our finance/accounting division and we need a focus and dedication from our staff that will see us through these transitions of policy, as well as our current audit. Mrs. Greene was not confident that she was able to perform these duties to the expectation level of this board.”
French added, “At the end of the day our board has requested the highest level of transparency. It is critical to this administration that we continue to strive for honesty and transparency in our local government and I am confident that we are on the correct path in that regard.”
French said, “Moving forward the search for a new CFO will be comprehensive and detailed. This particular hire is something that should be completed only when the highest level of confidence is entrusted into a candidate and when we feel we have the right person to work in a completely open and honest atmosphere.”
City of Manchester officials accepted the resignation at last night’s city meeting. Leaders also named Bridgett Anderson as interim Finance Director.