Manchester Nurse Charged With Stealing Patients’ Pain Medication

Brooke Sissom

A nurse at a Manchester nursing is accused of stealing patients’ pain medication.
Brooke Sissom, 33, of Double Tree Circle, Shelbyville was arrested Oct. 12 on nine counts of obtaining controlled substance by fraud. According to Manchester Police Investigator Stuart Colwell, Sissom stole powerful narcotics that were intended for patients at the Manchester Health Care Center. Police say that she would order the drug narcotics using patients’ names and prescriptions. Police allege that Sissom “likely used hundreds of pills herself and may have sold some.” A few of the pills were recovered.
Police say that the staff at the nursing home notified them of her activities. According to Investigator Colwell, the nursing home staff even saved “key documents” that Sissom attempted to destroy. She was fired from her nursing job by the nursing home.
Colwell says that they do not believe any of the patients ever went without their medication. Police say when they arrested Sissom she was ordering new prescriptions.
According to state records Sissom was placed in probation in 2009 by the Tennessee Board of Nursing for “unauthorized removal of controlled substances without authorization” and “incorrect entries in patient records.” She lived in Woodbury at that time.
The nurse is free on a $10,000 bond.