Man Takes Money From Local Church

burglary4It has been a while since we’ve told you about a church burglary but over the weekend there was one in Tullahoma. Tullahoma Police are investigating the burglary of the Church of Jesus Christ on East Moore Street. Police are now looking for a man that went on the run after being found asleep in the church.
Delilah Watkins who is associated with the church reported to police that a container of change was missing and that a filing cabinet had been forced open. She also saw that an old set of checks in the filing cabinet were missing.
She then walked into the congregation area and saw two blankets on the back pew that was not supposed to be there and a person under a pew asleep. She then yelled startled the man and he then ran from the building.
The man was described as being between 20 and 30 years of age with medium length hair, wearing a dark colored bandana, grey shirt and blue jeans.
The man left the building on foot with the container of change.