Man from Coffee County Facing Charges in Bedford County

A Tullahoma man was arrested Sept. 26 for possession of meth by deputies from the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department.
Michael Dale Cyree, 42, of East Lincoln Street was charged with possession of schedule II and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Cyree’s arrest came after he and another man, who was not arrested, made residents in Normandy suspicious. Around 6 a.m. the two were going to houses in Normandy asking to use the phone while he was seen carrying a working cellphone.
A report by Bedford County Sheriff’s Deputy Jared Featherstone states that when he arrived, Cyree told him that he was trying to find a tool to fix a flat tire. The officer ran a criminal record of Cyree and learned that there were warrants for him from Coffee County for possession of schedule II, a felon in possession of a weapon and failure to appear in court.
When he was asked by the deputy if he had any drugs, Cyree told the officer that he had meth. A search of the man revealed 2.85 grams of crystal meth in five bags, $292 cash, a glass pipe and a knife in Cyree’s clothing. Cyree was carrying a duffel bag that contained ammunition, syringes, knives, scales, a car stereo, iPod, Kindle Fire and a Samsung Glaxy Note cellphone.
Cyree was booked in the Bedford County Jail under a $30,000 bond.