Man Dies After Hitting Head On Trash Compactor

Jeffrey Fann, 47, of Cannon County was dumping his garbage when he fell into the county’s trash compactor, hit his head and died. Cannon County, like many rural counties, doesn’t have home trash pick-up. Instead, residents take their trash to the transfer station.  After the trash is compacted, it is sent to a landfill.  Saturday evening, Fann was standing on the back of his pickup truck while throwing his trash into the transfer station’s trash compactor.  Eyewitnesses say he slipped inside the compactor and fell to his death. The compacting machine wasn’t running, but Fann his hit head on the metal and died from that injury at a hospital. County officials were already studying how to improve the way they collect trash. In fact, they had already brought in a state consultant to do a study. The County Executive says redesigning the transfer station will be costly, but adds that the county ought to put up a gate so people can’t park too close to the compactor.