Man Damages Truck and Assaults a Person With a Golf Club

Tullahoma Police CarTullahoma Police were called to a residence on East Lauderdale Street, where a man was hitting a vehicle with a golf club.
When they arrived Nov. 24 to a residence on East Lauderdale they were informed that Matthew Charles Haag had gone to his girlfriend’s residence and struck the front door of the residence with a golf club.
As the officer arrived, he saw Haag running and jumped a fence. He then turned toward Sgt. Phil Henderson carrying a golf club. He then reached down and picked up another club and told the officer “come on”.
As Officer Chase Sons pulled up Haag allegedly threw one of the clubs through a windshield at the residence.
He then kicked in the front door and entered the residence.
He then left and went outside and began to hit a GMC Sierra pickup truck and damaged the front windshield, headlights, fog lights, bug deflector and side vent shades. Damage to the truck was estimated at $1,000.
A victim told officer Tim Brandon that she was awaken to find her children screaming and that is when an assault occurred. The victim received multiple injuries from the attack.
Haag allegedly was swinging the golf club inside the residence at a 4-year-old attempting to strike him. The child grabbed his mother and they fled the area with Haag chasing them and striking at both of them.
The man was later arrested. (Thanks to Wayne Thomas of the Tullahoma News for the information in this story)