Man Busted For Crack Cocaine and More

crack-cocaineCrack cocaine fell from the mouth of a drug suspect as he fell when shocked by a Taser, Shelbyville police said.
Conard Julian Harris, 33, of Cherokee Drive in Shelbyville drove a motorcycle down the wrong side of Shoma Drive at a high rate of speed as officer Bobby Peacock was leaving an unrelated call, according to his report.
Harris drove to his home and unsuccessfully attempted to pass “a foreign object” to a neighbor, Peacock said, before placing it into his mouth when told to show his hands.
Officers Mitchell Warren and Jeff Goodrich tried to get the object but Harris allegedly ran to a nearby wooded area with all three officers in pursuit.
Peacock used the Taser on Harris’s neck and back as he tried to climb a rusty wire fence, the report said. The “foreign object” — a bag containing 6.5 grams of crack cocaine in powder and rock form — fell to the ground, Peacock said.
Bags containing 54.7 grams of crack cocaine and 25.0 grams of marijuana were found in the motorcycle’s saddle bags.
Harris was treated at the scene by Bedford County Emergency Medical Service before transport to Bedford County Jail on charges of possession of a schedule II drug, possession of a schedule VI drug for resale, evading arrest, reckless driving and resisting stop/frisk/halt/search. He was later released on a $100,000 bond. (Shelbyville Times-Gazette)