Man and Woman located in Dumpster Now Facing Drug Charges

A Tullahoma man and woman were arrested on drug charges after they were found in a dumpster behind Pain Management Clinic on North Jackson Street.
Arrested on March 19 were James Leslie Richards, 42 of South Maple Street on charges of possession of schedule II, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on revoked/suspended license.
Barbara W Kilgore, 37, was charged with possession of schedule II drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Tullahoma Police Officer Brooke Earhart wrote in a report that while on special patrol behind the building she saw a minivan parked behind the building next to a dumpster. She wrote that Richards was “hanging out” of the dumpster and Kilgore was inside the dumpster.
They told the officer that they were going through the dumpster because they had had an argument and Kilgore had thrown her ring in the dumpster.
When the officer checked with the Coffee County Communication Center, she learned that Richards’ driver licenses were revoked. Kilgore said that the van they were riding in was hers.
When the officer searched the van she allegedly found a case in the driver side door of the van that contained a plastic bag that contained one gram of meth, two used syringes, one razor blade with residue, one clear glass tube pipe with residue and a set of digital scales. When asked by the officer, neither person would “admit” to ownership of the drugs.
Richards’ bond was set at $5,500 and he is to appear in Coffee County General Sessions Court April 5.
Kilgore’s bond was set at $2,500 and she is to appear in Coffee County General Sessions Court on April 5.