Man allegedly Huffing a can of car air freshener discovered inside Tullahoma Walmart

Joshua Dane Jackson… Photo provided by the CCSD.

On Sunday, a man was observed on video and by Tullahoma Walmart personnel allegedly huffing a can of car air freshener. Walmart notified Tullahoma police and kept watch of the subject. The man, who according to the arrest warrant admitted to smoking marijuana, appeared to be under the influence of drugs/inhalants, as his speech was very slurred, his pupils were very restricted and he was extremely unsteady on his feet.
The man identified as Joshua Dane Jackson age 28 of Lee Lane, Huntland was observed on video and by personnel allegedly taking two cans of lighter fluid, a can of tea, which he was drinking and the two cans of inhalant. Jackson was also criminally trespassing as he had been banned from Walmart properties in January 2017 for prior thefts.
Jackson was also found to be allegedly in possession of three white tablets believed to be hydrocodone, five plastic baggies of a white rock and powder like substance, weighing approximately 5.16 grams that is believed to be methamphetamine, two other plastic baggies containing a white rock and powder-like substance weighing approximately 7.17 grams and believed to be cocaine. He also allegedly had approximately .03 grams of a green plant-like material believed to be marijuana and a glass pipe with residue in it.
Jackson was charged with shoplifting, unlawful inhaling, giving, selling, of glue, paint (etc.), public intoxication, theft of property, criminal trespass, schedule II drug violation, 2 counts of manufacturing/delivering/selling/possession of a controlled substance, unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities and failure to appear.
Bond was set at $126,500 and he has two court dates, March 9 and April 6, 2017.