Man Accused Of Shooting At Police Continues To Help Investigators In Burglary Cases

burglary4Now a follow-up to a story that we reported to you earlier this week.
Shawn Luce the man accused of shooting at Tullahoma Police on June 19 continues to assist in the solving burglaries in Coffee County. Luce had already assisted in the solving of 60 burglaries. Now comes word that this week he has assisted in solving 6 more burglaries. According to Sheriff Steve Graves, Luce provided information to sheriff’s investigators of six burglaries that he committed in the county.
According to the sheriff, investigators are continuing to follow up on leads and information that Luce is providing.
Luce is accused of firing shots from a pistol as well as shots from an assault rifle that had allegedly been stolen. He eluded police until the next day when he was arrested on Normandy Road by deputies of the sheriff’s department and investigators with the Tullahoma Police Department. Since his arrest, the Florida man has provided information to the burglaries that he allegedly committed in Manchester, Tullahoma and out in the county.