Low Gas Prices Make Drivers Happy

gas prices 5Low gas prices influenced what AAA forecasts to be the most Labor Day motorists to take a road trip in seven years. The average price for gasoline was the lowest on the holiday in 11 years.
Labor Day marks the end of the busy summer travel season, which means gas demand will decline as fewer people take road trips. As a result, gas prices in the autumn and winter seasons could be the cheapest of the year.
On Labor Day 2015, the national average price for a gallon of gasoline was $2.40. The average price is $2.10 in Tennessee. Prices were more than a $1 cheaper than the average price on Labor Day 2014.
Gas prices are largely driven by the price of oil. After selling as low as $38 two weeks ago, the price of oil averaged $46.73 last week. That was the same price oil was selling at in January when state average gas prices were at the lowest point of the year, averaging $1.88 in Tennessee. Since peaking at $2.58 on June 17th, the Tennessee average price for gasoline has declined 77 of the past 81 days, for a total of 48 cents.
As of Tuesday afternoon the low price in Manchester was $1.95 per gallon and $2.01 in Tullahoma.