Looking in Neighbor’s Window Sends Tullahoma Man to Jail

Richard Dale Walker intake photo provided by the CCSD.

Early Thursday morning Richard Dale Walker age 63 of Cedar Lane Village Dr, Tullahoma was arrested by Tullahoma Police Office Randy Baltimore on 2 counts of observation without consent.
The man was located at Dosett apartments on East Moore Street and had allegedly been involved in looking into another family’s window without their consent. Walker is accused of going to the outside of an apartment removing the screen from the window and then allegedly moving the curtains to view inside the victim’s window.
Footprints leading to and from Walker’s apartment and his neighbor’s apartment were apparently found.
Walker allegedly admitted to knocking on the victim’s window where two young girls ages 7 and 10 were inside the room that he is accused of looking in.
Walker was booked in at the Coffee County jail under a bond of $20,000 and his court date is July 12, 2018.