Lockdown at the Tullahoma News

For three hours Tuesday afternoon, the offices of The Tullahoma News were placed on lockdown by the U.S. Marshals.
The lockdown was ordered after a fugitive from justice from the federal courts in Chattanooga and a female companion were discovered staying in the cab of a tractor trailer truck that was parked in the back-parking lot of the newspaper.
Two marshals met with The News Publisher Brian Blackley just before noon and made him aware that the man was in the parking lot in the truck and of their plans to arrest him. The officers then began their plans to arrest the fugitive, who has not been identified by federal authorities.
The marshals told Blackley that the man was a “methamphetamine trafficker” along the East Coast. The officers also stated that the man had warrants for his arrest in several states for drug trafficking.
After some three hours two marshals approached the truck and instructed the man to exit the truck with his hands up. He got out and they immediately handcuffed him and took him into custody. The female companion was not arrested. (Courtesy of the Tullahoma News)