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Local schools work hard to provide at-home learning during closure

With schools closed for COVID-19 pandemic, Manchester City Schools have worked hard to offer online resources for parents and children at home to continue learning.

Dr. Joey Vaughn, director of Manchester City Schools, joined the Thunder Radio Morning Show on Wednesday, March 25, and explained that it is important that, if possible, children continue learning at home during this downtime. He did say that the coursework and exercises offered online is not mandatory, but is important for future development.

“We always want to keep their brain moving forward,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn also explained that the state 180-day education requirement has been waived by the state. This means that the days missed for COVID-19 closures will not have to be made up with extended school hours or a shortened summer. He added that school year will end at the end of may, as scheduled.

For parents who want to access the online learning tools from Manchester City Schools, they can click here.
Vaughn also encouraged parents to reach out to their schools or their teachers for more information and learning tools.