Local Man Killed In Logging Accident

LoggingJerry Wayne Wiser of Hoodoo Road, Beechgrove was killed during a logging accident in Cannon County on Monday, May 12.
The Cannon County Sheriff’s Department reports that Wiser was killed when a tree fell on him while logging on Jim Perkins Hollow Road in Bradyville.
A coworker Donald Curlee, stated that he and Mr. Wiser were cutting tries on a hill side. Wiser had stopped to sharpen his blade on his saw when another worker started yelling that a tree was going to fall. It ended up being two trees that fell and hit Mr. Wiser pinning him between the two. Curlee stated that he had to cut the tree off of Wiser.
The owner of Alford Logging Company, Eddie Lee Alford was able to get a truck up to the site and take Wiser to Stones River Hospital.
Wiser was pronounced dead with severe trauma to the chest.