Local Educators Learning About Chinese Education

confuciusSome Tennessee school administrators will devote a small part of their summer to learning more about education in China.
The Confucius Institute at Middle Tennessee State University is leading a delegation of educators on a 10-day excursion to China for a whirlwind sample of Chinese elementary and secondary schools.
This is being done to enhance educators’ understanding of each other’s methods. For example, the pupil-teacher ratio is considerably smaller in China because schools hire 20 to 50 percent more faculty.
In addition, Chinese teachers spend only 16 to 20 direct contact hours with the students out of their 40-hour workweek. They have the rest of the week to spend on planning and giving students’ meaningful feedback compared to about two-and-a-half hours for American teachers.
The 2015 American participants include:
Susan Fanning, principal of Farrar Elementary School and Debbie Edens, principal of East Middle School from the Tullahoma City School District.