Local Candidate Petitions Questioned by Republican Party

Administrator of Elections for Coffee County Vernita Davis… Photo by Samantha Watters

On the agenda of the Coffee County Election Commission on Thursday afternoon was to approve petitions for the May 1, 2018 Republican and Democratic primaries. Motion was made to make a change on the agenda and move that part until a meeting on Thursday Feb. 22, which is the withdrawal deadline. The reason for that change is because there are some Republican candidates, who by new Republican bylaws, may not certify to be a bonafide Republican. The Election Commission is waiting on letters from the State Republican party, officially giving specific information, before they can approve those candidates. The local Republican party brought forth the questions to the election commission. There is also one Democratic candidate that the Republican party is questioning concerning another issue.
Letters from the state Republican party must be in the commission office by the withdrawal deadline, Thursday, February 22, 2018 at noon.
Coffee County Administrator of Elections Vernita Davis told WMSR that the Election Commission, does not evaluate the status of a person’s political party membership. It is their job to issue a petition to a person, regardless of voting history, for which they want to run.
No names of those candidates in question have been announced by the commission.
When all names have become official WMSR News will release all candidate names.