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Limited damage during Saturday storms; lightning causes house fire

Pictured is storm damage on Hasty Lane in Franklin County (photo by Duck River Electric)

Coffee County was spared major storm damage Saturday, despite a large storm system that made its way through the south and prompted a tornado watch for the area that lasted most of the day.

According to TVA, Manchester did receive 1.37 inches of rain on Saturday. There were also reports of a window and screen blown off a home and a tree across the road on Hunt Street in Manchester and other various trees and limbs down in Manchester, and a lightning strike did cause a fire at a home in the Hunters Ridge area in Tullahoma.

According to Tullahoma Fire Department chief Richard Shasteen, when crews arrived at that home the fire was traveling across the peak of the roof on the inside. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire with minor fire and water damage. The Manchester Fire Department was called to cover Tullahoma City Limits for backup.

According to Duck River Electric, around 1,800 members were without electricity with the hardest hit areas being Cowan, Sewanee and Lynchburg. Extra staff was called in to handle the outages.