Lieutenant Fired From The Bedford County Sheriff’s Department

fired2A high-ranking officer in the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department was fired over the weekend following an accusation of shoplifting.
John Owens, who joined the department as a lieutenant when Austin Swing took over as sheriff on Sept. 1, allegedly took an item or items from the Shelbyville Walmart on Saturday, Swing said Monday.
“He is no longer an employee of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department,” Swing said.
Lieutenant is the third highest rank in the department, following sheriff and chief deputy.
Owens has not been charged with a crime, the sheriff said.
Swing declined to reveal the item or items allegedly taken, but said, “He has not been charged with anything due to the amount,” indicating it was very small in terms of monetary value.
“The decision to charge or not to charge him was made entirely by Walmart,” Chief Deputy Jason Williams said. “We had no influence on the decision and told them we would back them whatever direction they went. (Shelbyville Times-Gazette)