Legislative Proposals have been introduced to Help Fight Opioid Addiction

Photo credit:(frankieleon/flickr.com)

Combating Tennessee’s opioid crisis: More than a dozen legislative proposals have been introduced.
Gov. Bill Haslam’s plan to address the opioid epidemic focuses on addiction prevention and rehabilitation for addicts – a combo attack many hope will put a significant dent in the number of residents affected.
About $25 million of the $30 million in the governor’s budget, if passed, will go toward treatment.
In addition to the governor’s two signature bills, lawmakers have introduced at least 15 other pieces of legislation dealing with opioids.
These include such measures as a proposal to decrease TennCare costs for opioid alternatives and one that would require prescribers to inform women of the risks of taking opioids during a pregnancy.
Another proposal calls for an opioid abuse hotline.
Still, state officials and lawmakers are careful to avoid characterizing the proposals as a plan to take people’s prescriptions away. The Tennessee Medical Association has expressed concern that parts of the governor’s plan could interfere with a doctors’ relationship with their patients.