Late Payment Plan Set Up At Tullahoma Airport

Tullahoma Airport

Those who lease airplane hangars at the Tullahoma Regional Airport will be seeing a change in the policy on lease payments. All leases will now be due on the first of each month, with a ten-day grace period. If the payment is received after the tenth it will be considered late and there will be a late fee added. The reason for the change is that the airport has changed to a new accounting system that is handled by city hall. Airport Manager Jon Glass stated that there has “always been a 10 percent late fee,” but that it has not been carried month to month until the late payment is paid. The problem came to light after personnel at city hall determined that one hangar lessee owed $160 due to the late fees accruing. Alderman Mike Norris, who is the city board’s liaison to the airport authority and who has extensive experience in the financial world, noted that the delinquent fees “are considered delinquent until they are paid.”