Large Drug Bust at Bonnaroo

Dalton James Subbert.. Photos provided by the CCSD

On Sunday (June 10th, 2018) a man was at Bonnaroo on Bushy Branch Road when Coffee County Sheriff’s Department Investigator Brandon Reed says he saw in plain sight a bag of marijuana in a vehicle lying on top of the middle console. Deputies searched the vehicle and allegedly found approximately 10 oz of mushrooms packed in 60 bags, 7 bottles of acid, approximately 2 oz Ketamine in 56 bags, 21 grams of marijuana in 7 bags, 1,100 hits of acid, approximately 9 marijuana gummies, 1 bag of marijuana wax, ½ gram in 2 bags of Molly, 3 Xanax pills and 24 unknown white pills. Also, allegedly found were 2 sets of digital scales, 2 marijuana pipes and baggies along with $7,698 in cash in various denominations.

Michale John Feehan

Reed charged Dalton James Subbert age 23 Faurmont, MN and Michale John Feehan age 26 of Okabena, MN with 4 counts of manufacturing/delivering/selling/possession of controlled substance, schedule I drug violations, schedule VI drug violations and unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities.
Bonds were set at $39,500 each for Subbert and Feehan. They are set to appear in Coffee County General Sessions on August 24, 2018.