Kinkel Out as Motlow President

Anthony G. Kinkel

According to a report in the Tennessean newspaper, Motlow State Community College President Tony Kinkel resigned late Tuesday, a day before the completion of a blistering internal audit that accused him of using “fear, intimidation, hostility and condescension” as mainstays of his leadership.
The audit, performed by the Tennessee Board of Regents and completed Wednesday, described a dismal work environment that pushed several longtime employees to leave the college because of Kinkel.
Auditors said that, as their work neared completion, Kinkel pressured multiple employees to discredit the findings in an apparent attempt to save his job.
Kinkel’s resignation will officially go into effect Sept. 30, but he will be on leave until then. His duties will be rerouted to an interim replacement.
In a letter responding to an early draft of the audit, Kinkel defended his track record while ceding room for improvement when it came to communication.
Dr. Anthony G. Kinkel was named the new president of Motlow College during a special called meeting of the Tennessee Board of Regents on May 27, 2015 after Mary Lou Apple retired.