Keeping Pets Safe During Holidays

FOOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS AND CELEBRATIONS. It’s holiday time! But, how do our pets handle it? Some of the simple things we take part in over the holidays can often be hazardous to our pets’ health, from food to decorations. Doctor Doug Aspros, President of the American Veterinary Medical Association says, “There are ten common hazards that pet owners should be aware of at this time of year”. If you keep these at the top of mind and away from pets, everyone will enjoy the holidays free from trips to the emergency clinic. Start with table scraps, candy, tasty decorations, flowers and plants, sugar-free snacks and chocolate. Then consider candles – keep them away from your pets’ reach and their wagging tail as they can be a hazard. If you’re having a holiday party, keep your pets in a separate room away from arriving guests where they can feel safe and secure. Finally, it’s best not to give a pet as a gift because the recipients won’t be able to choose one for themselves. For more holiday pet safety tips, visit