Juvenile Petition Filed On Three Juveniles After Graffiti Found At Tullahoma Football Field

VandalismApparently three juveniles will be facing charges of vandalism after graffiti was found at multiple places around Wilkins Stadium in Tullahoma on Thursday night.
The juveniles allegedly used spray paint to write double C’s in various places around the Tullahoma field, but the worst part was the vulgar paintings that were also part of the vandalism found by school officials on Friday morning. Tullahoma High School Resource Officer Joe Brown said the three individuals were seen on security in the bleachers at 9:44pm.
Apparently the youths allegedly involved are not part of the football team at Coffee County and two of them may no longer be students at the school.
The damage done in Tullahoma is said to be several thousand dollars’ worth. Tullahoma officials began covering up and cleaning the graffiti on Friday.
The three juveniles were given a petition to appear in court.