Jury Selection Begins In Pearman

murder3Jury selection begins Monday in the trial of Jacob Pearman, the man accused of murdering his wife Carla Pearman, formally Carla Dillard of Manchester. The murder took place in their home in Murfreesboro on Valentine’s Day in 2013. He’s also accused of aggravated child abuse of Carla’s son.
Judge David Bragg has granted a request that the jury be sequestered. That means the jurors will stay in a place all together and not be able to consume any media. The judge recently denied a request for a change of venue because of pre-trial publicity.
Pearman confessed to punching and then choking his wife to death after they argued about his child abuse charges. According to Pearman’s confession, Carla Pearman told Jacob that she would not be attending a court hearing scheduled for the next day in regards to his child abuse charge. She also told him that he needed to move out of the home so she could regain custody of her son.
Carla Dillard Pearman was a 2002 graduate of Coffee County High School.