James Bond Arrested on Several Charges

James Michael Bond jail intake photo provided by the CCSD.

On Thursday (June 30, 2017) Tullahoma Officer Brook Earhart received a call about a possible impaired driver. When Earhart arrived on Wall St the subject was seen driving around a parking lot. The officer stopped a man later identified as James Michael Bond age 59 of Rickenbacker Drive in Tullahoma. The arrest warrant states that when Bond tried to move out of his vehicle he had trouble getting out. The warrant goes onto to say the man had a strong odor of alcohol about his person, red bloodshot eyes and very unsteady on his feet. Bond allegedly admitted to drinking. The warrant also states that an open container of whiskey and empty beer cans were found in the vehicle. Officer Earhart also gave the subject 3 field sobriety tests which he allegedly did poorly on.
The officer checked the driving status of Bond and found him to be driving with a revoked driver’s license (2nd offense).
Once at the hospital for a blood test, Bond allegedly on several occasions pulled his shorts up so he could expose himself. According to records, he has more than 3 convictions for indecent exposure and is on the TBI sexual offender registry.
Bond was charged with driving under the influence, driving revoked driver’s license 2nd offense, public indecency-indecent exposure, open container law and 5 counts of violation of conditions of community supervision. Bond was set at $33,500 and his court date is August 3, 2017.