Inmates Being Moved Out Of Coffee Co. Jail

The Coffee County Jail will see a decrease in population this week.
According to Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves, the Tennessee Correction Institute (TCI), which is the agency that inspects jails across the state, notified the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) of the overcrowding conditions inside the county jail. According to the sheriff, as of Friday there were 254 inmates housed in the county lockup. The jail was designed to house 196 inmates. The sheriff said that this will help overcrowding but it means the county will lose the money that we have been earning for housing state prisoners, He said that he had been notified by the state that they will pick up 28 of the state inmates and then five more in a couple of days. The TCI purportedly notified the TDOC of the conditions in the jail due to the continued overcrowding conditions.