Photos by Barry West

It came, it went and it was INCREDIBLE! The ECLIPSE!
Eclipse totality will not occur in Tennessee for many, many years so what we witnessed on Monday was truly a once in a lifetime experience.
Many eclipse watchers came to the state from several states that could see it in their location.
The total solar eclipse was visible across a 70-mile path through Tennessee, and the rest of the state was treated to a minimum 90 percent eclipse experience.
The last time a total solar eclipse swept the whole width of the U.S. was in 1918.
In the U.S., the next total solar eclipse will occur on April 8, 2024. The line of totality will cross from Texas, up through the Midwest, almost directly over Indianapolis, Cleveland and Buffalo, New York, up over New England and out over Maine and New Brunswick, Canada.
We will see a partial eclipse in Coffee County on October 17, 2153, so make your plans.