In 2016 ATF Seized Over 10,000 Guns in Tennessee

According to newly-available data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, 10,131 firearms were confiscated during crime investigations in Tennessee in 2016.
The most common type of weapons seized were pistols; 6,402 were confiscated. Despite the rarity and expensiveness of machine guns, 15 were seized in 2016.
The ATF traces the origins of the firearms prior to the crime in which they were seized; 4,655 originated in Tennessee. Hundreds of the firearms originated from other states, including Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida and Texas.
ATF spokesperson Michael Knight encouraged the public to take precautions when owning firearms, in the event they fall into the wrong hands.
The ATF also released data about which cities had the most guns confiscated. Memphis topped that list with 3,940 firearms seized in 2016. Nashville had 1,539 firearms seized.