Illinois Woman Arrested in Manchester for Identity Theft and More

Jahmaya Rashay Harris… Photo provided by the CCSD.

On Tuesday (March 6th, 2018) Tennessee Highway Patrolman Jason Boles was notified of a stolen vehicle in the area. The officer found the vehicle at Trucker’s Inn on the Hillsboro Highway in Manchester.
A female was on video as being the only person in the vehicle when it pulled in.
The woman attempted to buy gas 10 different time using two different
credit cards not belonging to her. When taken into custody she
had in her possession 2 Georgia driver’s licenses not belonging to her.
When inventorying the vehicle, Boles allegedly found a checkbook with
several checks written out. One was made payable to the woman for
$1,000, along with other checks. The officer called the bank and
the checks were reported stolen. Also, allegedly found was 3 oz of a green leafy material believed to be marijuana, located in the glove box area. A pack of what is considered blunt papers were found in the floor on the passenger’s side.
Jahmaya Rashay Harris age 22, Waukegan, IL was taken into custody and charged with theft of property, criminal simulation, forgery, manufacturing/delivering/selling/possession of a controlled substance,
unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities, 2 counts of identity theft/use of another’s information. Her bond was set at $70,500 and Harris is scheduled to appear in court on April 17, 2018.