Huge Fire At Lakewood Park

Firefighters sprays water to try and control major blaze late Sunday night... All photos by Barry West

Home explodes in Lakewood Park

Flames shoot out of one of the houses

Coffee County Sheriff’s investigators are attempting to determine the cause of fires that destroyed three houses in the Lakewood Park area Sunday night. Emergency communication dispatchers received a call of a house exploding and catching fire on Kennsaw Pike in the Lakewood Park area. When Deputy David Reed arrived, the house located at 30 Kennsaw Pike was fully engulfed with flames. Several neighbors advised that they did not know if Troy Toler who lived at 70 Kennsaw Pike was in the house or not. Reed then went in to check but he wasn’t there. Several rural fire departments were dispatched to battle the blaze and as they were fighting it the firemen stated that it was appeared that there was some type “of flammable liquid in the structure.” The firefighters stated that the more they sprayed water on the fire the more it spread. The fire spread to another nearby house. Fire investigator Capt. Jeff McCullough stated that arson is suspected as being the cause of the fire at 30 Kennsaw Pike.