H&R Block Student of the Week

Congratulations to Student of the Week -Keira McFarlane!!! Keira, the daughter of Josh & Michelle Bare and Keith McFarlane & Andrea Pickney, is a fifth grader at Westwood Elementary school.
Keira was nominated because she has a pleasant attitude, does her assignments and exhibits the school’s FISH philosophy every day. Keira is a cheerleader for the Westwood Eagles. Keira also plays forward for Camp Forrest Soccer on the Lady Fury team. Keira likes science and math. When Keira is not at school, she enjoys playing with her step-sisters and step-brother. Keira likes helping animals and would someday like to be some sort of wild-life-ologist! Rosalyn Partin, owner of the Manchester H&R Block, has been inspired to recognize great kids in our community all through hockey season. What does hockey season have to do with our local students? Well, H&R Block gives each Student of the Week a set of Nashville Predators Hockey tickets, a commemorative plaque, as well as a special letter of recognition.
Pictured with Keira is Rosalyn Partin of H & R Block, and Keira’s teachers Mae Anne Hale and Amy Knight.