H&R Block Student of the Week

Congratulations to Student of the Week -Gracie Simmons!!! Gracie, the daughter of Sara and Scott Simmons is a fifth grader at Deerfield Elementary school.

Gracie is in Mrs. Greer’s homeroom at Deerfield. Gracie is very creative. When Gracie is not at school, she likes to create poems, songs and jingles. Gracie enjoys drawing animals, as well as inventing things and upcycling old, unused things. Rosalyn Partin, owner of the Manchester H&R Block, has been inspired to recognize great kids in our community all through hockey season. What does hockey season have to do with our local students? Well, H&R Block gives each Student of the Week a set of Nashville Predators Hockey tickets, a commemorative plaque, as well as a special letter of recognition.
Pictured with Gracie is Rosalyn Partin of H & R Block and Deerfield School Principal, Mrs. Traci McCoy and fifth grade Math and Science teacher, Michael Avey.