House Bill 37 prohibits local governments from classifying workers as essential or nonessential

Both chambers of the TN General Assembly passed legislation recognizing that every job in Tennessee is essential to the state’s economy. House Bill 37 protects Tennessee citizens and businesses from burdensome government restrictions. 

House Bill 37 prohibits a local government body from classifying a category of workers as essential or nonessential, citing that Government should not be allowed to impose restrictions and inequities that threaten the livelihood of millions of Tennesseans. The bill states that all workers are essential and ensures government does not impede on any individual’s right to work or earn a living.

This legislation clarifies a local governmental entity may not create categories or classes of essential and nonessential businesses, trades, professions, or industries for the purpose of suspending lawful commerce, encumber trade, or denying citizens the right to work. The bill now heads to the governor’s desk for his signature.