Horse Riding Cowboy Receives “Key to the City” and a Humanitarian Certificate While In Manchester

Doc MishlerA man nicknamed the “Cross-Country Cowboy” is traveling across the U.S. on horseback. Over the past few weeks Tod “Doc” Mishler has been staying in Manchester at the home of former Coffee County Mayor David Pennington and his wife Nancy. Doc was a recent guest on Thunder Radio’s “Let’s talk Antiques” program talking about why he does what he does. The 79 year old Mishler, who has a PHD in Philosophy is on a mission to shed light on the starving children in the world. Doc said recently on WMSR, “My message is that we have the money to do it, unfortunately we don’t have the will. The way is not lacking. The way to feed every starving child in the world is there, but the will is lacking.” He is urging our country’s leaders to provide funding to feed the hungry children in world. Doc rode into town with his two horses named “Chief Free Spirit” and “Charity.” He bought a third horse, “Green Eyes” at a stable on Hwy 41 on his first trip through town. He rides between 10-20 miles a day. This is not his first trip across the United States, he completed another cross country trek in 2002 where he traveled from Montana to Washington. On that trip he took his message to Congress. Doc has had some health issues during his travels through Murfreesboro. He had to have a stint put in at St Thomas Rutherford after having a heart attack while camping for the night. He lost some weight during his health problem but has been gaining weight and feels stronger. He gives credit to Nancy Pennington’s cooking for helping him.
The Penningtons got to know Doc when he stopped by the Jiffy Burger as he traveled through Manchester on Hwy 41.
While in Manchester he received the “Key to the City” and a Humanitarian certificate for his efforts to feed hungry children.
Tracy St John, the daughter of David and Nancy, says her whole family became very close with Doc and they are sad to see him leave, but she knows his journey and message are not complete. Mishler headed toward Nashville earlier this week.