Home Burglary In Manchester

Joshua Smith intake photo

Manchester Police received a call Wednesday afternoon of a home burglary at 805 Sedgefield Court. The homeowner had suspected a neighbor had been taking items from his home. The owner had parked his automobile away from his home but was in his home when someone began knocking at the front door. The man knocking did not get an answer so he went to the backdoor. The person walked into the home where he was met by the homeowner who was carrying a pistol. The owner ordered the man to the ground and called police. Manchester Police officer John Hollins arrived at the scene and talked to the suspect who admitted that his was there to steal items. He also said he had taken items before and pawned them locally. Hollins arrested 19 year-old Joshua Smith who lives next door at 807 Sedgefield Court. Smith, charged with aggravated burglary was booked into the Coffee County Jail and is now free on a $5,000 bond.
Previous stolen items were recovered.