Help With Holiday Meals

It’s the season for family, friends and most of all – food. Are you trying to decide to make, when to start prepping, how much to serve, or how to make it a bit healthier?
Shari Steinbach, registered dietician and healthy living advisor for Meijer says,”We want to make entertaining as easy as one, two, three”. Whether you’re a first-time host who wants to serve the classics, a pro who wants to put a creative twist on a traditional dish or you want to lighten up your holiday meals but keep the flavor, Meijer is here to help.
Any ideas for changing the traditional dishes a bit? Shari says there are so many options! If you want a flavor kick in the turkey, add a nice herb rub or go with a citrus stuffing. Instead of pumpkin pie, make pumpkin pie pops, served on a stick. Our corporate chef and team of healthy living advisors have come up with great options.
Visit Meijer for helpful tips, tricks and recipes for holiday meals. You can even watch video how-to’s, get step-by-step recipes and entertaining guides.