Haslam forms panel to review School Safety in Tennessee

Gov. Bill Haslam

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam has formed a panel to review school safety in Tennessee and recommend improvements.
On Monday, Haslam’s office said the group includes executive branch, General Assembly, safety, education and mental health leaders.
Haslam’s office says the group will convene this week to review school safety policies and work with law enforcement, educators and mental health professionals, among other study areas.
Haslam’s office mentioned school entry and exit, school resource officer training and availability, and in-school student mental health resources.
Haslam expects the group’s first recommendations before the legislative session’s conclusion, which is likely in April.
Haslam supports banning bump stocks and increasing the minimum age to buy semi-automatic weapons to 21. He says he doesn’t think arming more teachers is the answer.