Grundy County Schools Put In Lockdown

Grundy County schools went off lockdown after a scary Tuesday morning for parents. Sheriff Brent Myers says his office took precautions after a statement made by a grandfather. According to Myers, that grandfather was upset about his granddaughter being bullied at Coalmont Elementary. At the time three weeks ago, Myers says he told a school secretary “This is why people bring guns to school.” The grandfather was questioned but was never arrested and was not charged with anything. Myers described the comment as a statement and not a threat. A statement issued by the Grundy County Schools Tuesday afternoon said: The Grundy County Sheriff’s Department has assured Grundy County School officials that there is no evidence of any threat to the schools or children. Nevertheless, in view of recent events, School officials will work with the Sheriff’s Department in the coming weeks to identify steps the department can take to improve the safety of Grundy County schools. In the meantime, the sheriff’s department urged state and local law enforcement officials to prosecute anyone making idle threats to the fullest extent of the law. Of course, if anyone is aware of a potential threat to schools or children, then he or she should report his or her concerns to the Sheriff’s Department immediately. Facebook posts by various people on Monday contributed to the problem. Posting any such information on social media outlets instead of reporting it to the appropriate authorities is morally irresponsible. In an official press release the Grundy County board of Education noted that “sadly some few individuals are capitalizing” on the tragedy in Newton, Conn., by spreading baseless rumors of possible violence toward schoolchildren. “These fear mongers are little better than the deranged shooter who took so many innocent lives last week, for they intentionally spread panic at a time when we are so mindful of how vulnerable we all are,” the press release stated.