Grundy County School Board Moving Slowly Concerning Issues

It’s been almost two months since five football players at Grundy County High School were charged with attempted aggravated rape. Since then, the school removed its high school’s football coach, the chairman of the board resigned from his position, and questions came out regarding the performance of the director of schools. After Monday night’s school board meeting, only one of those issues has been resolved. Phyllis Lusk was voted as the new school board chairman.
The next major item discussed hiring a new football coach. Director of Schools Jessie Kinsey says 26 people have applied for the job and she’s ready to begin interviewing them. She said before she could hire someone, she would need to know how much money to offer them.
Kinsey said Casey Tate, the high school’s old coach, was able to make up to $12,000 in supplements.
The board agreed to narrow down the search for the next coach and tabled the discussion until next meeting.
During the board’s work session, Phyllis Lusk said the board was two years behind in creating an evaluation tool for the director of schools and aren’t on track to evaluate the director this school year. The board decided to table the evaluation tool until their February meeting. (WTVC-TV)