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Graduation will be held at Carden-Jerrell Field

Graduation will be held Friday night (May 25) at 7pm for Coffee County High School seniors. A crowd estimated of over 5,000 will watch graduates accept their diplomas behind Raider Academy in Manchester at Carden-Jerrell Field.
Around 400 seniors will take their next step toward a future full of expectations as they will hear from fellow classmates; Valedictorian Brianna Cardenal and Salutatorian Michelle Dong.
Many of the grads will take a break from school for a short period before heading off to college, and others will jump right into the workforce.
The 2018-2019 school year begins in just over two months.
Scott Anderson and his audio/visual students at the high school will be videoing the event for Raider TV and you can watch it at www.wmsrradio.com