Governor Haslam Stressing Importance Of Receiving Flu Shot

flu-vaccineGovernor Bill Haslam and the state health commissioner are stressing the importance of Tennesseans receiving their influenza vaccinations this flu season. On Friday, September 19, Governor Haslam, and the commissioner will receive their seasonal flu vaccinations at the Shelby County Health Department in Memphis.
Each year on average in the United States, an estimated 5-20 percent of the population can be infected with the flu, and more than 200,000 people may be hospitalized from complications of the illness. Vaccination is the best way to prevent infection with the flu.
Immunization against the flu protects not only the person receiving the vaccine but also his or her family, friends and coworkers. Flu vaccine can be administered in the form of an injection (the “flu shot”) or nasal spray, and is widely available throughout Tennessee from county health departments, primary care providers and pharmacies. The Tennessee Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urge annual flu vaccination for everyone over six months of age.