Georgia Man Arrested For Manchester Burglary

A Georgia man is facing charges in connection with the burglary of a Manchester restaurant. According to Billy Butler, Manchester Police Chief Investigator, suspect Harold L. Wiley is being held in Austell, Georgia, in connection with the theft of money from El Portrillo Mexican Restaurant located in Manchester. According to Butler a hole was cut into the back of the business, and the thief entered the business and took over $5,000 in cash. According to the investigator, the person suspected of committing the crime used his credit card to purchase black pants and gloves at Wal-mart before the burglary. “Watching the surveillance video, we can track the suspect from Wal-mart to the Mexican restaurant,” Butler said. He stated that since the individual used his credit card, police were able to track the man to Georgia. Investigators from the Manchester Police Department went to Austell, Georgia, and served Wiley with an arrest warrant and were able to recover a large portion of the money as well as burglary tools used in the El Portrillo Restaurant burglary. According to Butler, Wiley had targeted Mexican Restaurants in Middle Tennessee, as he had printed out locations of Mexican restaurants across the mid-state. Wiley is awaiting extradition to Manchester to face the charges.