Georgia Man Arrested After Drugs Found In His Car at a Manchester Motel

Douglas Edward Christian intake photo from the Coffee County Sheriff's Department

Douglas Edward Christian intake photo from the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department

On Saturday (August 8, 2015) Deputy Phillip Smith of the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department says someone called the jail stating that a Douglas Christian was at the Sleep Inn in Manchester selling heroin. Deputy Smith called Investigator James Sherrill. Sherrill called the complainant back and was advised that Christian may have the narcotics in the trunk of his car, if they were not with him in his room. Deputy Smith went to the motel and observed the man allegedly putting something in his trunk.
After Sherrill arrived, he saw Christian come out of the Sleep Inn and was walking in the parking lot. The investigator requested for the man to come over to where he was and he complied. Sherrill asked if he was on the sex offender registry due to it was showing in the portal that he was, and he replied he was no longer on the registry. Sherrill explained to Christian why I was there and he replied he had no narcotics in his room nor in the car. The investigator asked the man for consent to search his car and he hesitated, stating shouldn’t you advise me of my rights and Sherrill says explained to the man that he was not under arrest and he didn’t have to consent.
Christian then popped the trunk of the car and the investigator says he immediately detected a strong odor of marijuana, and Christian also said he also could smell the odor. Upon searching the trunk Sherrill supposedly found a black bag in the wheel well of the car. When he opened it he observed a clear bag of marijuana. Also found were allegedly 6 bags of what was believed to be meth, 2 bags of approximately 16 grams of marijuana, one bag believed to be approximately 4.5 grams of cocaine, 5 bags believed to be approximately 8 grams of heroin, digital scales, baggies, and blunts.
Consent to go through Christian’s cell phone revealed conversations to subjects in Georgia to pick up narcotics.
Christian kept insisting he didn’t use narcotics, but Investigator Sherrill explained you don’t have to use narcotics to sell them.
Douglas Edward Christian age 64 of School Rd Hampton Ga. was arrested for manufacture/sell and delivery of controlled substances. His Bond was set at $250,000 and a court date was issued for August 18, 2015.